What is the best way to buy a weighing machine?

Weighing machine is an essential requirement for health-conscious people wanting to maintain a healthy weight. A weighing machine helps in keeping track of the bodyweight so that you can determine whether exercises and diet plans are working or not. There are some factors which must be considered before purchasing a weighing machine.


The two types of weighing machines available in the market are analogue and digital. Analogue models use traditional spring systems to measure weight, while digital models use sensors to measure weight. Digital weighing machines have become very popular because they are not only more accurate as compared to analogue machines but also have a host of other features not present in analogue machines.


The capacity of a weighing machine is the maximum weight range it can handle. The weighing capacity differs from machine to machine. You need to ensure that the capacity of the machine you are purchasing falls within the weight range that you need. If all the members of your family intend to use the machine, then consider their weights as well. The capacity of analogue models can go up to 150 kg while digital machines can weigh up to 180 kg. Advanced models with capacity up to 250 kg are also available in the market.


Accuracy is a key factor to look for while purchasing a weighing machine. Analog machines are fairly accurate, but their accuracy becomes less over a period of time as the springs undergo wear and tear. Digital weighing machines use sensors which make them more accurate as compared to analogue machines. However, some error can crop up even in digital models.


The material of the weighing machine plays an important role in its durability. Weighing machines made of plastic should be avoided because plastic is susceptible to breakage. The suitable materials for weighing machines are metal, tempered glass and wood. This is because these materials are resistant against cracking and breaking. Glass weighing machines are particularly suited for humid locations such as bathrooms because they can withstand moisture.

Weighing Units 

The unit of measurement of a weighing machine is usually kilograms or pounds. Analog machines have a single unit of measurement. Multiple units of measurement are present in many models of digital weighing machines. The unit can be switched between kilograms, pounds, lbs, stones, etc. in such a machine. Thus, if you prefer multiple measurement units, a digital machine equipped with this feature must be purchased.


The platform of the weighing machine should be wide enough for the users to stand comfortably on both legs. The large-sized platform is necessary for people having mobility problems or large feet. It must be ensured that the weighing machine does not take up a lot of space. Hence, measuring the place where it is to be placed is recommended prior to selecting a particular size.


Analog and basic models of weighing machines measure weight only. If you want additional features such as measurement of body mass index, lean muscle mass, fat %, etc. along with weight tracking and syncing with health apps, then a smart digital weighing machine is your best option.

What Is A Thermo-Aged Guitar?

A thermo age guitar is an old guitar whose wood quality has become more tight due to ageing. This ageing helps to remove moisture, resin etc. To define, thermo age refers to heating of wood to a high temperature. The guitar manufacturers use the baking effect (roast) in order to turn the guitar into thermo age. Let us look below whether one really needs to buy a thermo aged guitar or not.

Should One Go For Thermo-Aged Guitar?

The answer is yes but not mandatory. If you are the one who wants to play retro classics without investing much, then you can go for this type of guitar. You get the vintage feel while switching different chords, pleasant to the ears. Many beginners will doubt whether to buy a roasted material or not. The answer is that a beginner should buy a new guitar and wait for his/her guitar to become heated over time. Although, many famous brands such as Gibon, Taylor etc provide thermo aged guitar, but the craze of a new guitar has always been the first priority.

Who Buys Thermo-Aged Guitar?

As stated eariler, people who want to play the retro classsics with much better tonal quality go for the thermo-aged guitar. To add on, old-aged people around the late 40s who want to play the blues, country songs etc. go for this guitar. Many professionals over-time understand the importance of a vintage guitar. For most of the beginners, a thermo guitar always fit in as a second hand guitar.

Does Thermo-Aged Guitar Improve The Bad Pieces Of Wood?

The answer is definetely no. Yes, the guitar stability becomes well but the rise in temprature makes no difference to improve the bad pieces of wood. The ageing of guitar does help to make guitar withstand different atmospheric effects.  Don’t get it wrong here, assuming that one can try different experiments on a guitar in order to make it old. A guitar sustainability completely depends upon the wood material, fret board spacing, sound hole cut etc.

Conclusion -Thermo-Aged Guitar Vs New Guitar?

A Thermo-Aged guitar isn’t that durable in comparison to a new guitar. The most simple reason is that a thermo aged guitar has already crossed its age. However, you get to hear a much sweeter,better tonal sound quality in a thermo when compared to a new guitar. Alas, that wont make much of a difference for a guitar customer who wants to learn and grow with a new guitar. He/She will surely get the thermo tonal quality over time. It would be very much difficult for a music starter to figure out if there are any changes in the sound quality when compared. A professional ear, trained over time, can only figure out 90/10 difference in a thermo guitar. On an end note, if you are a one who want to kickstart your musical journey, then you can go for a new electric guitar without doing any other experiment on the guitar for ageing.

Is it OK to run on the treadmill every day?

A treadmill is a definitely friendly equipment for reducing body fat. Besides maintaining diet and doing other workouts, running on a treadmill is also mandatory for losing weight. But how frequently should you run on a treadmill? Is running on a treadmill daily good for your health? Many people don’t have proper answers to these questions. Almost everyone is familiar with the functions of treadmills. But a few people know how frequently they should run on treadmills. Therefore, you shouldn’t start running on a treadmill without your trainer’s instructions. This article is going to point out if running on a treadmill on an everyday basis is good for you or not.

Should you run on a treadmill every day? 

Rest is an important part of your workout schedule. You can’t continue working out without sufficient rest because that will not be favourable for your transformation. During the rest period, your muscles undergo the recovery process. If you burn calories and don’t give yourself enough rest, you can’t gain anything.

Running on a treadmill is a high-intensity workout that requires a lot of energy. If you don’t take a day off and continue running on a treadmill daily, injuries are inevitable in that case. Your age, weight and flexibility also matter here.

Who shouldn’t run on a treadmill every day? 

Anyone who is above forty shouldn’t try running on a treadmill every day. Otherwise, there are high chances of injuries that can sustain lifelong. Let’s check out the reasons behind the age restriction-

  • As you get older, your muscles, joints and bone density become weaker. When you run on a treadmill daily, you don’t give enough rest to your muscles and joints. That’s why the muscles don’t recover properly. As a result, you get a serious injury during your next running session.
  • Weight plays a big factor in this case. If you’re overweight, you put more pressure on your joints while running. In addition to that, you don’t give adequate rest to your joints when you run on a treadmill daily. Therefore, your joints might get injured very easily.
  • Flexibility and practice also matter in this case. Those who are have not run on treadmills for at least three months should never attend daily treadmill sessions. Your trainer is supposed to decide your running schedule, not you. Don’t take such a risk if you don’t intend to injure yourself.

On the other side, young people might not get injured even they run on treadmills daily. Most of the people of 20-30 age group have flexible and agile physiques. Moreover, if you’re around twenty and have a healthy weight, you won’t face problems. Young people usually have greater energy-levels and bone density. Therefore, running on a treadmill regularly won’t harm a twenty years old person.

Anyway, running on a treadmill daily is not at all advisable for anyone. You must give adequate rest to your muscles and joints. You can eliminate the chances of injuries only in that way.

What Is Glutamine Supplement? It Uses and Benefits

This is one of the most commonly asked questions today. The answer lies within the name of the product itself. Glutamine supplement, obviously, it is a product/supplement that increases the glutamine content in the user’s body. Now, the real question is not what glutamine supplement is, it is why glutamine supplement is important and why to consume it. To, answer this question, we should start with the basic question,

What is Glutamine?

Glutamine also is known as L-glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acids in the human body. It could be found in the blood and the muscle cells. Experts have classified glutamine as a conditionally essential amino acid. Glutamine is produced by the body for metabolic needs, hence classified as “conditionally essential amino acid”.

What does glutamine do?

Glutamine has several functions in the body. They play a major role in supporting the immune system, neurological activity, muscle protein synthesis, insulin secretion, and maintain gastrointestinal integrity. Experts have found that glutamine supplied almost 30% nitrogen to the muscles to synthesize proteins. The synthesis of protein and maintain high nitrogen balance prevents the muscle from breaking down. Which, in turn, results in more muscle, that equates to a leaner body, a leaner body means no excess fat. Therefore, in general, glutamine helps in reducing overall body fat.

If the body produces glutamine why take a glutamine supplement?

This is where the importance of what is glutamine supplement really comes into effect. There are certain situations or circumstances when the body cannot produce an adequate amount of glutamine. At such conditions, the lack of glutamine could lead to health issues and damage to the body. This is when the glutamine supplement should be consumed. Consumption of glutamine supplements at such circumstances would make glutamine available for the body to satisfy the requirement.

Uses and benefits of glutamine supplement –

  1. Glutamine as already mentioned above is a very essential thing for the efficient synthesis of proteins. The nitrogen from the glutamine helps in the synthesis of protein, which in turn prevents the muscles from being catabolized. If you are doing some intense work without adequate glutamine in your body, your muscles would be catabolized to provide glutamine to other cells in the body. Consumption of glutamine supplements would avoid such issues.
  2. Consumption of glutamine supplements provides the body with adequate glutamine to burn and synthesize protein during an intense workout. Which, would result is better and bigger muscles.
  3. Consuming glutamine supplements could boost the immune system. Intense workouts commonly deplete glutamine levels in the body, but, consumption of glutamine supplements would keep the glutamine level balanced. This, in turn, would be used as the energy source for the immune system.
  4. Glutamine is one of the most important nutrients for maintaining intestinal activity. Consumption of glutamine supplements could help maintain gastrointestinal integrity while intense workout or any health issues.
  5. While there are no proofs, consuming glutamine supplements could increase the fat burning by increasing the secretion of HGH (Human growth hormone).

All these benefits could be enjoyed only if the user consumes the glutamine supplement in the right way. Consuming glutamine supplements too much, even when the body does not need it, could lead to health issues.

5 benefits of wearing trekking shoes

Trekking fills your heart and mind with peace and joy. But, the lack of proper trekking gears and accessories can make it a horrific experience. Experts recommend setting off for trekking and hiking when you have required accessories with you. Apart from backpack, camp, water bottle, rucksack, track pants, food items, and toiletries, there is something that is the most crucial requirement for trekking. Yes, we are talking about the trekking shoes. To make it a fun-filled, exciting, and thrilling journey, you need to grab a pair of trekking shoes. If you think that a regular sport shoe will do a perfect job, you are wrong. You can give it a try. Trekking might look fun and easy; however, there are a lot of obstacles that you have to suffer if you lack proper gear. Let us cite the top 5 benefits of using the trekking shoes for hiking:

  1. Comfort should be the highest priority:

Your feet and leg muscles play a primary role during the trekking. Do you know that a decent quality shoe can enhance your activeness and vice versa? Yes, wearing shoes that lack appropriate fabric will make your muscles more prone to higher oxygen consumption. The accumulation of lactic acid in the leg muscles will lead to early fatigue. The cloth and paddings of the shoe ensures your 100 percent comfort.

  1. Protects your feet from external factors:

One should never take a chance while trekking. You never know what kind of path it is going to be. Therefore, the best idea is to be prepared for whatever is going to come your way. The heavy dirt and mud are usual in mountain ranges. The trekking shoes ensure that your feet are protected from pointed structures, insects, and dirt.

  1. Helps you to deal with extreme temperatures:

If you are going to trek in a region that experiences extreme weather, you should even be more careful. Select a shoe that offers features like water-resistant, slip-resistant, proper insulation, and well ventilation. It helps to enhance your safety.

  1. Provides you more flexibility:

Flexibility and traction are the two most essential features that the trekking shoes have. Slipping during trekking can be extremely dangerous. It can also prove fatal if you do not have enough safety measures. The flexibility of shoes allows you to travel through different kinds of terrains. The traction of the trekking shoes enables you to tolerate slippery grounds.

  1. Great fitting and years of durability:

Various kinds of trekking shoes are available in the market. You can pick the one that satisfies your requirement. Make sure that it fits in your feet snuggly. The trekking shoes are also more durable than any other regular shoe. You can idly compare it by traveling equal miles in both the shoes.


If you want to enjoy your trekking journey, grabbing a pair of trekking shoes or boots is a must. No one likes to invite misfortune to their life by themselves. However, by not wearing a trekking shoe during a trek, you are making yourself prone to accidents. Therefore, make sure to be set for the trekking with proper gear. All the best!

Pros and Cons of Buying a 5-String Bass

If you are a beginner, then you may be wondering if a 5-string bass beneficial or not? If yes, then five-string bass is better than the 4 string ones. There are many 5 string bass players out there. However, let us see which one is right for you. With benefits there also some drawbacks of owning 5 string bass. So, let us see the main pros and cons of a 5-string bass.

Pros of 5 string bass 

  1. Use it to play extra notes 

New learners think that a five-string bass guitar is a difficult play. But the truth is with the extra notes you can play many types of music. Also, the main benefit is that the low B string offers an extra range that is useful for many music types. You can enjoy additional chord voicing with a 5-string bass.

  1. You need not change the overall tuning 

You can play the 5 string easily as there is no need to change the tuning. The basics are the same in both the string bass. Therefore, when changing to 5 sting bass, it will be easier for you to play notes. Also, you may be using the 5-string bass only for special notes. So, stick to the 4 string concepts to play the 5-string bass also.

  1. There are many new tunings 

Creative musicians love to try new things. You can create innovative tunes with this instrument. Even if there is no need to change the tuning you can create fresh tunes with 5 string bass. You can try out the different low tune options available in the 5-string bass. This way you can produce some of the amazing tunes with the 5-string bass.

  1. Use the 5th string as thumb rest 

Many use the 5-string bass as an anchor. When using a 4-string bass, you may feel that the A to E stings is far from each other. But, with the 5-string bass, you easily play the fast lines and cross strings comfortably.

Cons of bass 5 string bass 

  1. Unnecessary string noise 

It takes more time and practice to play a 5-string bass. The hand position of the 5-string bass is different. So, at first, you may have trouble adjusting to this instrument. However, due to the extra notes, you may need to be careful about extra noise. Positioning the thumb on the wrong string can produce extra noise.

  1. They are heavy 

The 5 string is heavy than the 4-string bass. If you are used to playing lightweight instruments, then you may find the 5 string one heavy. Discomfort and weight are the main drawbacks of using 5 string bass.

  1. Extra strings mean extra cleaning 

Generally, the string instruments are difficult to clean. Rust and dirt can accumulate in the strings very easily. So, when you have a 5-string bass, you need to take extra care of it. Regular cleaning and maintenance are required for 5 string bass. 


More than the pros and cons your preference matters the most. If you think that 5 sting bass is convenient, it is easy to lean it.

Which brand of electric kettle is the best?

An electric kettle is a useful kitchen appliance that provides you with various uses. One can do several things using an electric kettle such as boiling water, making tea and coffee, preparing instant noodles, soup, etc. It is better to buy an electric kettle than a conventional kettle. The best thing about an electric kettle is that it will automatically turn off. It will happen once the kettle reaches the threshold boiling point.

Which brand of electric kettle is the best?

One has to buy an electric kettle from a trusted brand in the market. This will help you to get the best quality kettle that lasts long. Here we will discuss some of the best brands.

Philips 1.7L 2400-W Elemental kettle:

Philips is one of the popular brands in India for kitchen appliances. Philips has now launched a new kettle having a great capacity of 1.5 litres. The price of the product is Rs. 2695. The product has a good response among its customers, as the price of the kettle is elegant. This kettle is available in a single white design.

Things we liked:

  • The body is full of metal with plastic lid and handle
  • It serves as a multi-purpose kettle
  • The cut-off feature helps you to stay free from constant watching of kettle
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty on the product
  • It has a flat heating element that enables fast boiling
  • It comes with a four-way safety system

Things we didn’t like:

  • The biggest disadvantage is the length of the power cord, as it is too smaller

Morphy Richards InstaCook:

Morphy Richards became a competitor in the market with the launch of its new kettle “Morphy Richards InstaCook Electric Kettle”. It serves as the best option for new parents. The cost of this kettle is Rs. 3095.

Things we liked:

  • It uses a full-body concealed unit design
  • One can remove the plastic lid from the kettle easily
  • The cut-off feature helps to save the time of boiling. It also avoids constant watch of people
  • It boats dry boil protection for the safety of the product
  • It features a power rating of 1200W that helps up faster
  • It uses a high-grade stainless steel body for durability

Things we didn’t like:

  • An auto cut-off feature may not work properly in some situations
  • People experience the problem of thermostat kicks unexpectedly

ORPAT OEK-8137 1350-Watt Cordless Kettle:

ORPAT became popular in the market with the launch of its new kettle “ORPAT OEK-8137 1350-Watt Cordless Kettle”. One of the cheapest electric kettles in the market is ORPAT. The price of this kettle is Rs. 1025. The brand is popular for its affordable cost, and one can get this product from all online shopping sites.

Things we liked:

  • It uses a cordless design. It means the power cord is attached to the base of the kettle.
  • Power cord length is short.
  • It boasts a fast heating rate.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Minimum and maximum markings present inside the kettle make it difficult for buyers to operate it

These were the top brands of an electric kettle, from which you can prefer any one of the kettles to buy for your kitchen.

How do you change the spin mop head?

After a long hard day, it can be exhausting and even frustrating to use your free time cleaning. That’s why you need tools – smart tools to get the job done efficiently. The spin mop is one such tool to help you with mopping the floor. It is a combination of the spin mop head with a bucket which aids you to do effortless cleaning.

It doesn’t make sense to clean your home with a dirty tool. That is why you should regularly clean your spin mop head. But to do that you need to know how to change or remove the spin mop head. Below are the steps to change the spin mop head and the importance of it.

Steps to change a spin mop head

  1. Hold the spin mop head vertically straight to separate it from the mop head yarn.
  2. While turning the head, gently step on the mop head.
  3. On top of the pole, you can see a C-clamp. Once you find it, loosen it.
  4. Some models have a wing nut to keep the head in place. You need to loosen it fully to remove the metal bar that locks the head. If the mop heads are plastic, it will have an adjustment knob with a plastic clip for easy removal.
  5. After you have removed the old one, take the new mop head and locate its centre panel.
  6. Now slide the rod into the new mop head’s centre panel.
  7. Fix the head with the C-clamp, wing nut, or the knob found your spin mops.
  8. Tighten the clamps with your hands. Make sure that the head gets secured to the rod.
  9. Try to shake the spin mop. If the head loosens or falls off, then it was not tightened enough.

Why should you change?

Does it matter to change the spin mop’s head? Well, it does. Following are the reasons why you should regularly do it.

  1. With a good routine of changing the head, you can prevent the filthy smell that comes from a dirty mop head.
  2. The cleaning will be much more thorough than the result you get from using an old one.
  3. Removing the mop head from the handle can facilitate easy machine wash.
  4. When you change the head, you will notice if there are any damages. Also, you can dispose of the damaged one.

The bottom line

It is quite clear that changing or removing a spin mop head is no rocket science. It is a straightforward and easy method to do by yourself. You don’t need a technician or professional to help you with this.

Before you do this, check with the instruction manual that comes with the spin mop. It may be some important information for changing the head. Before you remove the head to wash it, check whether the model is for machine washing.

Overall, changing a spin mop head is easier and simple than you have ever imagined.

Five Exercises That Help In Controlling Blood Pressure

Want to know some of the easy ways to reduce high blood pressure besides medication? Here are some ideas that might help you out!

There are so many kinds of health ailments all around, one of which is high blood pressure. Hypertension is something that needs to be controlled as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can be highly fatal for anyone. If one suffers from high blood pressure, then that person has to live on heavy medication. But besides medication, another thing that affects the most is our lifestyle. We can maintain our health by following some easy tips that are mentioned below:

Aerobic Exercises-

Aerobic exercises or in simple terms, cardio exercises are the best way to keep your pressure down as it reinforces the flow of the blood. It not only helps in blood pumping but also makes the huge muscle groups working. These exercises are agreeably known as cardiovascular activities. Being a patient of hypertension, you can opt for light tasks such as cycling daily, jumping robes, gardening, playing outdoor games such as soccer, dancing. You must do at least 75 minutes of tremendous activity or 150 minutes of light exercises of your choice. The aerobic exercises also help in burning a lot of calories as well.

The aerobic exercises are highly recommended for not only hypertension but also to improve cardiovascular health. It enhances your heart and makes it secure, and eliminates any chance of diseases or risks. It is the most natural way to reduce the risks of high blood pressure without taking medication. Other perks of these exercises are it helps in the reduction of chronic back pain, helps you sleep properly, and of course, regulates weight if not all sorts of activities, running or cycling are highly approved.

Breathing Sessions And Medication-

One of the biggest reasons behind the high level of blood pressure is stress. One can say that hypertension and stress are directly linked. If you are stressing about something, a stream of hormones are released that automatically raises your blood pressure, especially if you are a diabetic patient. A lot of medications are given to a patient to put control of these situations in initial stages. But besides heavy medication, one natural way of releasing stress is by doing deep breathing exercises regularly. Taking deep breaths activates your nervous system that lessens your heart rate, thereby relieving your blood pressure.

When you breathe slowly and tend to cool down, your brain slowly reaches the state of relaxation. Otherwise, stress not only means a risk to blood pressure but also leads you to unhealthy habits such as drugs or alcohol. It also makes you overreact over petty issues. So make it a point to do breathing sessions daily. You can do it either in the morning or in the evening. However, the morning is much more preferable because we are in a calm state of mind.

Along with breathing sessions, meditation also helps a lot. When you meditate, you try to focus on an individual thing with calmness. It slows down your body and does well to blood pressure.

Avoid High Level Of Alcoholism-

Having alcohol twice or thrice a week is absolutely fine, but when the drinking level increases, it can be quite fatal for health. When we have three or more drinks in one sitting, it automatically increases our blood pressure. Later, when the alcohol is possessed out of the body, the blood pressure resumes to normalcy. But when a person drinks on a regular basis, it can lead to a long term illness, which is chronic hypertension.

So it is highly recommended that those who are having high blood pressure, avoid too much drinking. Once or twice you drink occasionally is fine but not more than that. According to studies, alcohol contains lots of calories that is also a reason behind weight gain. It tends to become a barrier in your medication for high blood pressure. Another debatable topic is whether red wine is good for health or not. Actually, it has not been proved yet, but results have been mostly positive when one intakes red wine. That doesn’t mean that you shall continue having lots of red wine. There might be other factors as well that might be responsible. So it is better to stick to one or two drinks once in a while.

Maintain A Proper Diet-

If you are someone who has high levels of blood pressure, then make sure you maintain a proper chart of diet. Include lots of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products. An adequate set can reduce your high blood pressure up to 11mm Hg. Potassium is a necessary element in your diet that is highly rich in fruits and vegetables and also curtails the effects of sodium. So avoid taking supplements and, of course, consult a doctor about the level of potassium that is best for you.

Try to have food that encompasses less amountof sodium in it. Normally fruits and vegetables contain less amount of sodium in them, but when they are processed into other food items, the sodium amountis increased. So before purchasing any canned or packed products, go for the label first and check the ingredients section. Try to buy only those ones which have low sodium infusion. Even a little bit of reduction in your sodium intake can lower your blood pressure.

Avoid Caffeine-

Although the effects of caffeine are not apparent, yet it is advised to cut down caffeine intake if you have high blood pressure. Especially people who don’t drink coffee regularly, but have high blood pressure. If they are starting to take caffeine out of a sudden, then it can cause risk to their health. Their blood pressure rises to almost 10mm Hg, which is not all good. So don’t drink coffee if you are not a regular consumer. Those who have caffeine regularly, and have high blood pressure, it is not clear how it affects them.

According to some doctors, it might act differently with everyone based on their blood pressure levels and other health factors. So it is preferred to check your blood pressure after thirty minutes of caffeine intake to check if it increases your blood pressure or not. Suppose it does increase your blood pressure then definitely consult your doctor.

How to Check Blood Pressure at home?

It is an absolute must to have a BPMonitor at home. You can keep tabs on blood pressure at your home itself and can work accordingly. For example, due to some reason, you don’t feel well, and you doubt that your blood pressure has increased, then you can immediately check yourself with the help of the monitor. If it is severe, then you can directly go to a doctor and get the necessary treatment. Otherwise, even if something serious is going on with your health, but you are busy with your work, it might be fatal for you. So buy a BPMonitor soon and keep track of your blood pressure. You can check Best BPMonitors in India from this website it is widely available online as well as offline markets. Get yourself one, and it will be quite helpful for you.

This was my article on how to control your Blood Pressure with exercise. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

Must-have features for the ‘best’ steam iron

With the huge variety of steam irons in the market, choosing the best one can be a herculean task. Below are some important features which determine whether steam iron is best or not.

To find the best steam iron, continue reading to find what you should consider before selecting one.


During ironing, the soleplate is the part of the steam iron which has contact with the clothes. The material of the soleplate has to be a good conductor of heat. The straightening of the clothes is dependent on this part of the appliance.

The endurance of the iron itself is dependent on the soleplates. Check whether the material of the soleplates are non-stick or else they can ruin your clothes.

Steam Vents

There are 16 to 46 steam vents in the steam iron. With a higher number of steam vents, the overall heat and production of steam will be higher.

Power Usage

Everyone knows that electrical appliances which produce heat consume a large amount of electricity. And steam irons are no exception. But thanks to technological advancements, recent models of steam irons are highly energy efficient. When you shop for a steam iron, do check the power rating.

Cord Length

The general rule is that the cord length needs to be bigger for it to be a better model. For a comfortable ironing experience, a long cord with good flexibility is necessary. The standard cord length is generally 6 feet, but some have longer lengths too. This allows you to iron in all directions and to iron very long clothes like curtains.

Auto Shut Off

There will be times where you can forget to turn the appliance off. This simple mistake can become a fire accident because of a huge amount of heat that comes out of the steam iron.

To prevent such an accident, many manufacturers are incorporating this feature in their models. This can turn off the steam iron once it reaches a certain temperature. This is a new feature, so not all models will have it. So, before you buy a steam iron, do an extra check whether this feature is present.

Temperature Settings

According to the fabric, the temperature of the steam iron has to change. Many models have the feature to adjust the temperature to meet the needs of the material. There are also advanced models which can control and regulate the steam that comes out of the appliance.

Anti-Calcium Feature

In steam ironer, the water turns into steam which does the ironing. This process can create residues called calcium deposits. They accumulate and clog inside the appliance, damaging the device itself. This feature helps to self-clean the tank inside the tank for better functioning of the appliance.

Spray Mist

This feature can release water to the fabric to help it get wet. Because of this, the creases are easily removed by the steam ironer.

In conclusion

Owning a steam iron can make the process of ironing a simple one. But before you invest in a good steam iron, make sure to research and check about its features.