Top 5 Best Selling Mixer Grinder In India

Mixer grinders have made the task of grinding, blending, and mixing easier, faster, and more efficient as compared to conventional techniques. This is the reason why the mixer grinder is not a luxury but a necessary kitchen appliance. There is no dearth of models and brands of mixer grinders in the market. However, some models have got unanimous thumbs up from the majority of consumers and sell like hotcakes. The top 5 models of mixer grinders that have become bestsellers in the Indian market have been listed here.

Philips Hl1645 Mixer Grinder 

A 750 W motor powers Philips Hl1645. It comes with 4 jars for various functions such as mixing, grinding, juicing and blending. The jars are made of stainless steel. There are 3 speed settings in the mixer grinder. A power indicator is also present. The juice filter present in the appliance ensures pure juice. The mixer grinder also has auto-shutoff feature to protect it against damage in case of overloading. The non-slip vacuum cup base ensures good stability of the mixer grinder. It is also easy to clean.

Sujata Powermatic Plus Mixer Grinder 

Sujata Powermatic Plus has a 900 W motor, which is highly efficient due to double ball-bearing support. The motor is well suited to be used for a long period at a stretch without overheating because it dissipates heat efficiently. The body is made of ABS plastic and is both durable as well as rust-resistant. The mixer grinder also has an attached juicer equipped with honeycomb mesh, which provides pure juice. The mixer grinder comes with 3 transparent jars made of plastic.

Prestige Iris Mixer Grinder 

Prestige Iris runs on a 750 W motor. There are 3 speed controls for various requirements. The mixer grinder comes with 3 multipurpose blades and 3 jars made of stainless steel. In addition to the three jars, an extra juicer jar is also provided. The body is made of ABS plastic. The appliance is equipped with an overload protection switch, which cuts off the power supply to the motor when it is in danger of overheating. The jar safety lock ensures that the appliance doesn’t start if the jar is not locked properly.

Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder 

Preethi Zodiac MG 218 has a powerful 750 W Vega motor, which has undergone 215 hours of endurance testing. The mixer grinder comes with 5 jars. 3 jars are for dry grinding, liquidizing, and chutney. Of the remaining two jars, one is for juicing, and the other is for food processing. The appliance has 3 speed controls. The mixer grinder also has a safety indicator that turns red from blue whenever the overload protection trips the motor.

Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder 

A 500 W motor powers Bajaj Rex. It comes with a 1.25 litre liquidizing jar, 0.88 litre multipurpose jar and 0.3 litre chutney jar. The jars are made of stainless steel. The appliance has 3 speed controls and is equipped with a motor overload protection system. It has a multifunctional blade system.

Top 5 Best Kitchen Chimney Brands In India

Investing in a good quality kitchen chimney is the best decision you ever made. For a clean kitchen and healthy living, kitchen chimney is a must. The odour from the cooking, strong aroma of species, and smoke that result from Indian cooking is cleaned out by a chimney. Chimney has evolved over the past decade; today, the chimney is technologically advanced with practical features. In this article, we will be discussing the top five Chimney brands in India that you can consider.

Best Chimney brands in India

  1. Hindware

The first brand that we will be considering today for kitchen chimney is Hindware. The company is in the business of manufacturing consumer appliances for over 60 years. Hindware appliances are renowned and trustworthy. This makes Hindware chimney one of the best brands in India.

Hindware chimney includes features like water and thermal cleaning, touch panel, and rustproof. The Hindware chimney is made of such material that is rustproof for durability and higher performance. The baffle filter of the Hindware chimney is yet again an important feature. The double auto-cleaning feature of the Hindware chimney is the reason for it being a top contender in the market.

  1. Faber

Faber has been in business since the 1950s. The company has its presence in manufacturing products in three different continents. Faber kitchen chimney is designed to complement the personal style and choice of a consumer. Faber is a leading brand of chimney manufacturing standing high in innovation and invention. The unique technology adopted by the brand allows for three ways of suction, which ensure the kitchen is fume-free at all times.

Some of the best features of Faber chimney are 3 baffle filter suctions, multiple speed operation, and push-control button. Faber chimney is known for style, design, and innovation.

  1. Elica

The next chimney brand in India that is very popular in India Elica. Elica has been producing some of the best kitchen chimneys over the years. The Elica kitchen chimneys are stylish, functional, and compact. This brand of kitchen chimney can bring out the best in your kitchen.

Elica Kitchen chimney offers a complete range of the model that provides a hassle-free and smoke-free cooking range. The compact design, touch-control panel, glass and stainless steel finish features of the chimney makes it attractive.

  1. Glen

Glen’s brand of the chimney is bold and classic in manufacturing. The chimney hood is made of premium quality materials for durability. Glen chimneys usually include Italian motor and safety button options. The safe button of the chimney switches off in case of intense heat that provides for functional use.

Glen chimneys are available in both baffle and carbon filters that provide for clean air in the kitchen.

  1. Prestige

The prestige is a famous brand in India for its pressure cookers. Apart from this, prestige also manufactures other home appliances like a chimney. The suction capacity of prestige chimney is very high, which is beneficial for larger kitchens in India.

The brand has gained the trust of its consumers by offering quality products over the years.

Bottom Line:

The brands mentioned above of chimney manufacturers in India are considered for their performance and features.

Single Door vs. Double Door Refrigerator: Which is good?

A refrigerator is a common appliance found in homes and commercial establishments requiring the storage of perishable items. There are many kinds of refrigerators with respect to model, brand, and type available in the market. Here we will discuss the two types of refrigerator options in the market, which are single and double door refrigerators. In the case of a single door refrigerator, there is a single door for both the fridge and freezer, while in case of a double door refrigerator, there are two separate doors for the fridge and freezer. However, this is not the only difference between the two types of refrigerators. There are some other points of difference which need to be kept in mind before deciding between the two options.


The capacity of a single door refrigerator ranges between 50 liters and 250 liters. Thus, single door refrigerators are suitable for small families consisting of 1-3 members.

The capacity of double door refrigerators, on the other hand, range between 235 liters and 495 liters. Thus, double door refrigerators are suitable for large families consisting of 5 more members.

The shelving space in single door refrigerators is less as compared to shelving space in double door refrigerators. Thus, bigger vessels and bottles can be stored in a double door refrigerator but not in a single door refrigerator.


The amount of space occupied by a single door refrigerator is less as compared to a double door refrigerator. This is because the size of the freezer in a double door refrigerator is more as compared to the freezer in a single door refrigerator. Thus, for people with limited space, single door refrigerators are more suitable as compared to double door refrigerators.


Single door refrigerators use direct cool with natural convection cooling technology. In the case of double door refrigerators, cooling is done using frost-free technology and electric fans. Thus, the cooling effect in double door refrigerators is more as compared to single door refrigerators. The direct result of this fact is that food can be stored for longer periods in double door refrigerators as compared to single door refrigerators. This is the reason why double door refrigerators are highly suited for people requiring long term storage of perishable items.

Energy consumption

Single door refrigerators are energy efficient, which results in less energy consumption. Single door refrigerators consume around 30% to 40% lesser energy as compared to double door refrigerators. Thus, the electricity bill is higher when you use a double door refrigerator as opposed to using a single door refrigerator.


In case of a single door refrigerator, you need to clean ice manually. Double door refrigerator, on the other hand, comes equipped with an auto-clean feature, which eliminates the need to clean ice manually. This is a very convenient feature for people who don’t have the time for manual labor.


The price of a single door refrigerator is less as compared to a double door refrigerator. Thus, single door refrigerators are more economical and more suited for people with limited budgets as compared to double door refrigerators.

Replacement of Running Shoes at the right time

Every runner and athlete has this question of what is the appropriate time for replacing running shoes. This is essential for good health and comfort.

Reasons for replacement

Some individuals have a hard time replacing their running shoes when they feel it is fine, despite some wear and tear. But, the primary reason for the shoe replacement is enhanced injury risk. The longer use of shoes leading to failure of proper support structure and components that the design offered can put you to a greater risk of damage.

What is the period that a running shoe may last?

Estimates vary from one shoe to another. However, with a good condition of running shoes, they generally last from 500kms-750kms or 310 miles-465 miles. For a regular professional or seasoned runner, these shoes may need replacement earlier and more frequently. For a casual runner, they shall last longer. Every runner and their shoes are different.

What impacts the shoe life?

3 primary aspects that have to be considered to assess the shoe lifespan are:

  • Terrain-Running terrain is a big factor for lifespan. The lifespan is generally assessed keeping ideal terrain in mind; however, for a trail, road, track, or combining all, the shoe shoes impact a lot more than usual. Use the shoe meant for the terrain it was designed for to last long.
  • Style– Running foot strike plays a major role in lifespan. A best-suited shoe is the one that fits your style in the long run. This you can make out by observing the part of wear of the shoe-mid, front, or heel.
  • Build- Build of the runner, implying the height and weight of the runner, plays a major role as well. An average runner is kept in mind when designing shoes. So, weight over average may face wear and tear earlier than an average weighted runner. Selecting a suited one for such a build with enhanced support will last longer.

Common signs of replacement time

  • Sole-The first sign is observable at the bottom of the sole and overall sole. Shape from Base to sole indicates that it needs a replacement.
  • Upper wearing-Sides of the shoe is worn out with sole in good condition can imply that you have selected an inappropriate foot size for your shoe.
  • Fraying of internal heel-Early heel breakdown can be a mismatch of size. This can lead to friction and protrusion of the ankle during the run. Retie the shoelace to offer good support at the foot top. This will avoid ankle and heel escape.
  • Invisible- with everything looking good outside, the shoe interior may wear, which is invisible. The sole’s springiness is compromised. This assists in shielding knees and cushioning of footfalls.
  • Injury/Pain-The major sign of all is comfort while running. If you encounter pain and soreness of shins, feet, and upper back, the shoes need replacement.

Though it is tough to make a decision and let go of the best running shoes that have served you for so long, it is essential to look for signs of wear and tear to have no issues with foot and comfort.

How The Washing Machine Changed Our World

Washing and drying clothes used to be a time consuming and tedious job before the advent of washing machines. The washing machine made a labor-intensive job automatic, which benefited society. Thus, the washing machine is yet another gift of modern technology which saves a lot of time and energy of people.

Sneak peek in history.

Clothes first appeared in human history 1,70,000 years ago. Various kinds of clothes and other washable items were gradually invented as humans progressed. This also led to the need to wash various kinds of clothes. The earliest method to wash clothes was using river water, beating the clothes on the rocks and leaving them under the sun to dry. Public wash houses appeared in the Roman empire.

The public wash houses were used by women to wash clothes on any day of the week. The household laundry used to be brought by the women to wash them at one go in the public wash houses. The method of washing clothes was made somewhat easier with the advent of washboards in the 18th century. However, the energy-sapping work of collecting water, heating water, soaping, scrubbing, rinsing, and drying clothes continued until the invention of first the semi-automatic electric washing machine in the 20th century. Automated washing machines finally hit the market but were initially too expensive for most people.

Impact on women

The responsibility of washing the household laundry usually fell on women in the past. Even in the present times, womenfolk of the families are the ones who manage the laundry of the entire household. However, before the invention of washing machines, women had to spend a lot of time washing clothes. They also used to expend a lot of energy in washing clothes, which left them exhausted. Furthermore, they were also exposed to waterborne pathogens.

Washing machines freed up a lot of time for women and saved their energy levels. Consequently, they were able to engage in work that generated income. Thus, many experts on human society and health believe that washing machines also played a major role in helping women unshackle the bonds of patriarchy and enter the job market.


There are extensive benefits to washing machines, which positively impacted the world. Some of them have been listed here.

  • Washing machines wash several clothing items together, which saves a lot of time and energy.
  • There is no dearth of options for washing machines with respect to load, cleaning features, and other factors that cover all kinds of cleaning requirements and budgets of the consumers.
  • The modern washing technological tools used in the washing machines eliminate even stubborn dirt and stains from even heavy fabrics. Manually removing tenacious dirt and stains is a very exhausting and may not even succeed in completely removing the dirt particles and stains.
  • Modern washing machines are also equipped with a drying feature, which means the machine dries the clothes after washing. This has eliminated the need to dry clothes in the sun and the inability to wash clothes during cloudy or rainy days.

5 Basic Features of Bluetooth Earphones

These days there is no time for the rule of one work at one time. People tend to multitask all the time. The devices are also created to help people multitask. One device that has been a huge help for these matters is the Bluetooth earphone. You may have seen many people wearing it jogging on the road, reading books, cooking, using it when driving, cleaning the house, taking care of the baby, etc. The Bluetooth earphones have now become part of all the tasks because it is assisting the people to be up to date on their work as well as finish the everyday chores.

Here are the basic features of the Bluetooth earphones that are essential for mobile phone functionality.

  • More talk time

 Most of the high range Bluetooth earphones offer talk-time of seven hours and standby time up to 400 hours. This is a vital feature because the users will be able to talk with people or listen to important messages for more time. It is effective for official uses. They can also do other works side by side. The earphones can be worn for the most part of the day without the need for a charge. This is a benefit for many people who find charging an inconvenience while working. It saves many productive hours.

  • The design

The design of the Bluetooth earphones is quite impressive. They suit the style expectations of today’s generation. The black-colored U design of the earphones is in style now. The users can wear it on the shoulders all day and make quite a style statement. Many earphones have this feature because it makes the earphones good to use and good to see too.

  • The extra pairing feature

In some of the Bluetooth earphones Under 2K, there is a feature to pair two devices at once. This is termed as multipoint technology. If you need to connect the device to two of the mobile phone at once, then this feature is most beneficial. There is also the feature of active pairing, which makes the process of pairing quick and easy. The user need not touch buttons to pair. If the devices are near to each other, then the pairing will happen instantly without any interference.

  • The wireless feature

The most obvious feature of the Bluetooth earphone is the wireless feature. The no wire option makes it easy for the users to carry in the bag. The wires will not entangle like the wired earphones. It can be put in a safety box and can be carried anywhere when traveling.

  • The battery options

If the battery is low on the earphone, then there is an indicator feature that beeps in red to let you know about the situation. If the battery is down during the call and the earphones switch off, then the call will be automatically transferred to the phone.

These are the essential features of the Bluetooth earphones. Pick the Bluetooth earphone with all these features and enjoy the benefit that it will offer for you.

How To Choose A Good Quality Induction Cooktop

The induction cooktops are useful at this modern age. If you need the cooktop with fast features, then the induction cooktop is the one for you. It also stays cool to touch even when you are cooking. The induction cooktops are known for the perfect performance mechanism it follows for cooking. So here are some of the matters you need to look for if you are planning to buy induction cooktops.

What to look for?

  • The size of the induction cooktop

If you are renovating your cooking place and are buying all things new, then plan the size of the induction stove you need to buy. Choose the one you need for your place.

  • The Safety sensor feature

This feature in the induction is very important. It will adjust the power output to avoid the damages that may happen to the cookware.

  • The Auto switch-off setting

It will power the element off at the time of overheating or if you take off the pan. Most of the models will contain this feature.

  • The Safety cut-out feature

The induction cooktop should certainly have this excellent feature. If it is powered on for a period and the temperature is not changed, then this feature will make it switch off. The time needed to activate the safety cut-out will depend on the heat setting in the cooktop. The less the setting, the longer the cooking zone will stay.

  • The Auto heat-up settings

The auto heat-up will allow the cooking zone to heat with the aid of a higher setting. Then it will turn down to preset feature after some amount of time. This is certainly a handy tool.

  • The Booster setting

The auto heats up in the cooking zone will heat the items at the highest if activated. It will then, on its own, reduce the heat at the already selected lower setting.

  • The Protection from the overflows

The cooktop will power off, and a sound will come if there is a spill overflow in the controls. You have to clean the spill and then start cooking again.

  • The setting of Management of power

Due to the matter of high wattage, which the cooking zones have, the power management system is present to divide the power between two of the cooking zones.

  • The Pan detection setting

The induction cooktop will not work properly if the pan detection feature is not present. If it is not there in the cooking zone, the operation will stop, and the symbol will be displayed.

  • The Cooking zones feature

The large cooking zones will have a diameter larger than 21 cm. It will provide better effectiveness when utilizing larger cookware. The cooking zones will have clearer guidance for the size of the cookware perfect for that zone. Select the induction cooktop, which is extra-large and flexible.

These are some of the matters you need to look for when choosing a quality induction cooktop. Purchase for your kitchen an excellent induction cooktop for cooking amazing dishes with ease and comfort.

Top 5 Best Sewing Machine Models In India

Whether you are a beginner in sewing business or a full-on fashion designer the sewing machine is essential to weave the designs you want to create. The old sewing machines are old school because now there are modern sewing machines available that can save your time and energy. Gone are the days where you have to strain your hands and legs to create excellent dresses. Because here are the super sewing machines available for you. Know about the top sewing machine models in India here.

  • The Usha Janome Dream Stitch 

The company Usha International Ltd is the brand that is well known among the fashion designers as it has over these years produced some of the durable sewing machines in the market. The machines are known for their simple and innovative design. The product Janome is an excellent concept that is being used now by many people. It is also the perfect machine for beginners. Moreover, it is the right machine for people who want to use the electrical machine for effortless stitching machine. It contains easy to use handlebar and other essential features.

  • The Singer start 1306 

Singer India Ltd is a company that is creating world-class products that contain sewing machines. The model of 1306 is the right one for the starters and beginners. It is also a perfect machine for people who want to start a business on a low budget. The machine contains high-pressure foot lifter that gives the feature of multiple stitching layers without any issues. This option provides easy quilting and embroidery activities. This machine arrives with the heavy-duty metal frame that can be used for many years without any damages.

  • Brother FS101 Computerised machine 

For more than a century the Brother has been well known for producing innovative machines. The brother sewing machines have also got the satisfaction of the customer’s worldwide. It is also reasonable and affordable. If you want to have a premium product for fewer costs than Brother FS101 is the best model for you. These machines arrive with 100 built-in stitches. There is also the LCD to adjust the length and width.

  • Usha Janome zig-zag machine

This sewing machine has a beautiful look. If you prefer compatible sewing machine then this is suitable for you. Usha Janome zig-zag models are selling like hotcakes because many people love small and convenient machines for easy use. The machine contains 21 applications for use. There is also the automatic needle threading feature.

  • Singer Promise 1408 machine 

If you are a learner of the sewing techniques than opt for the Singer promise 1408 model. It is well known for its good quality and is lightweight. The speed of sewing is also perfect and suitable for a learner. There is also the LED light available for use in low light.

These are some of the top five sewing machine brands in India. Find the best in the list and select the one that suits you.


The sewing machine is one of the essential tools that are invented by humans. It is today available in most of the homes. Sewing is an art that can be quickly learned if the learner has the wish to create some beautiful dress designs with fabric. The sewing machines are modernized today as per the requirement, and it has led to more easy use. The advanced features are added in the machines for the people to use without any hassles. Get the suitable one for your home or shop and sew away easily.

Gas Stoves Vs Induction Cooktop: Which Is Better?

If you are about to build a new kitchen in your new apartment, one of the most important things to decide is whether you want a gas stove or induction.

Both ways of cooking have their fair share of pros and cons. To choose the best option for yourself, you need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both.

If you are confused between the two then we can help you clear your doubts. Go through the detailed comparison given below to make an informed decision.

Gas Stoves

Gas stoves or cooktops are the traditional way of cooking that you will find in most houses. A gas stove is powered by flammable gases like propane, butane and natural gas.


  • Unlike induction, a gas stove uses flammable gas to cook. This means you can continue your cooking even if there is a power cut.
  • Gas stoves remain cooler as the heat is dispersed as soon as it is turned off. But in the case of induction cooking, it distributes heat around the appliance which is not the case with gas stoves.
  • In gas stove cooking, you can easily achieve the desired cooking temperature. You can adjust the flame to high or low according to your needs. But an induction takes more time to adjust the temperature.


  • Cooking with gas stoves can be messy as there is a lot of food spills on the burners.
  • It requires installation whenever you order for your new cylinder. This may require professional help if you cannot do it on your own.
  • If the gas stove is not installed properly, it can be really dangerous.


Induction is powered by electricity. The device has a copper wire fitted under the cooking pot which is heated with electric currents. You need special cooking pans and pots to cook on an induction.


  • Induction cooking is known to directly supply the energy to the cooking pan. Unlike in gas stove cooking, there is no wastage of heat or energy.
  • The heat produced by the induction stays only on the cooking pan. In other words, it doesn’t get distributed around the entire cooktop. This is why the cooktop remains cooler which makes it safer to use.
  • Induction cooking also promotes safety. It is equipped with sensors that can detect ferrous materials like bangles and rings in which case it will not turn on.
  • Induction cooking doesn’t involve the use of fire. It produces electromagnetic energy which is transferred only to materials with electromagnetic properties. Thus, there are fewer chances of any health hazard.


  • An induction cooktop is run on electricity which means if there is a power cut, your cooking will be interrupted.
  • If you have a pacemaker fitted then you simply cannot use this method of cooking.
  • You need special cooking pots and pans with magnetic properties or else it will not work.

Both gas stoves and induction cooking has pros and cons. now it’s up to you to decide which one better suits your requirement. You should choose the method that you feel comfortable to work with. Here we put the list of some best gas stove and best hob top gas stove here.

How to choose a rechargeable fan – Buying Tips

Are you planning to buy a rechargeable fan? If yes, then it is essential that you look for the fan, which is made up of good quality materials and can last for a longer time. The rechargeable fans are becoming famous these days due to their portability and better advantages. If you are planning to get a rechargeable fan, then it would be best that you consider purchasing a good quality of the fan with the given tips:

  • Price of the fan

You should check the price of a fan because you must get an affordable rechargeable fan with high-quality features. Rechargeable fans are available at reasonable prices but you need to find the one which has the best features, right size, and good battery capacity. Only purchasing a cheap fan won’t help you, but you have to get nice quality of fan for yourself.

  • Size

The size of the rechargeable fan should be checked before you plan to buy it. Getting the right size of the fan is really essential if you don’t want to face any issues later. It is best to get a small and compact sized rechargeable fan so that it can be placed anywhere. If you will get a large fan, then it will require more space.

  • Battery capacity

Whenever you are planning to get a new rechargeable fan, you should check its battery capacity. You should check if the battery can be replaced in case it gets damaged or dead. If you can find a fan with a good battery capacity and replacement option, then it would be perfect to purchase such a fan.

  • Charging and operating time

The recharging time of the fan should be noticed before you make a purchase. On the manual of the fan, you would able to check the charging time of the fan along with its operating time. No one wants a fan, which takes a lot of time to charge and that’s why you should get a fan which can be charged within the lesser time period. The operating time of the fan should be higher than it’s charging time.

  • Brand name

After knowing the features of this fan, you should also check the brand name of the rechargeable fan with which it can be easier for you to get the right quality of the fan. There are many good brands present in the market among which you can choose the best one for your rechargeable fan.

So, these are some things which you should take care of while investing in a good rechargeable fan. There are numerous qualities of fans out there among which you should choose the best ones for yourself.