Do you need a stud finder to mount a TV? Required for a safe mounting of TV

To mount a TV safely, a gadget is required to keep it safe and handle its weight. Hence it is important to use a best stud finder for safe mounting of a TV. When it comes to renovating a house, the first thing anyone wants to be fitted is a TV and stud finder helps to do it easily. For a better finding of studs, stud finder is used.

The reason for using a stud finder is because of its various advantages it offers

  • Cost-effective

Mounting a TV with other gadgets may cost a little when compared to other gadgets. Being cost-effective is the main reason for choosing a stud finder for mounting a TV. The low cost of the stud finder makes it easy and reliable for use since it does not have many usages after some time.

  • Reliable

A stud finder is entirely reliable and can be used for sure to find a nail or bolt through the walls. They never fail to surprise the user with its magic. To find any metal or stud in the wall, a stud finder can always be relied upon.

  • Simple operation

Operating a stud finder is very simple and can be tricky sometimes. It is always better to double-check when running the stud finder through walls for better finding. The operation of the stud finder is by both magnetic and by use of batteries. Batteries can be charged whereas magnetic has a longer life span than the other. Its ease of operation makes it stand out among other gadgets necessary for our homes.

  • Additional features

The additional features of using a stud finder are the availability of an LCD screen which displays the position of the stud and gives audio footage of the screw or nut. It also possesses a warning feature for detecting live wires to avoid disturbing them during work. This is one important feature useful for an electrician who works on the wires for fixing any defect. The stud finder possesses a feature for auto-leveling. The LCD screen offers all the information about the live wires, studs and metal ones too. The stud finder has a sensor used for sensing live wires and studs in the wall accurately.

  • Professional touch

Using a stud finder offers a professional touch to the person using it and makes the work easier. They help not only in sensing live wires but also metal to a distance of 3 inches. It helps in finding fire blocks before starting your work or drilling a hole through the wall.

The use of stud finder cannot be overlooked because of its advanced technology used in detecting studs or live wires or metals in the wall. For safer drilling, always run your stud finder slowly through the wall for better knowledge about the stuff underlying them and never take advantage of it. They might seem tricky but are entirely easy to use.