Five Exercises That Help In Controlling Blood Pressure

Want to know some of the easy ways to reduce high blood pressure besides medication? Here are some ideas that might help you out!

There are so many kinds of health ailments all around, one of which is high blood pressure. Hypertension is something that needs to be controlled as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can be highly fatal for anyone. If one suffers from high blood pressure, then that person has to live on heavy medication. But besides medication, another thing that affects the most is our lifestyle. We can maintain our health by following some easy tips that are mentioned below:

Aerobic Exercises-

Aerobic exercises or in simple terms, cardio exercises are the best way to keep your pressure down as it reinforces the flow of the blood. It not only helps in blood pumping but also makes the huge muscle groups working. These exercises are agreeably known as cardiovascular activities. Being a patient of hypertension, you can opt for light tasks such as cycling daily, jumping robes, gardening, playing outdoor games such as soccer, dancing. You must do at least 75 minutes of tremendous activity or 150 minutes of light exercises of your choice. The aerobic exercises also help in burning a lot of calories as well.

The aerobic exercises are highly recommended for not only hypertension but also to improve cardiovascular health. It enhances your heart and makes it secure, and eliminates any chance of diseases or risks. It is the most natural way to reduce the risks of high blood pressure without taking medication. Other perks of these exercises are it helps in the reduction of chronic back pain, helps you sleep properly, and of course, regulates weight if not all sorts of activities, running or cycling are highly approved.

Breathing Sessions And Medication-

One of the biggest reasons behind the high level of blood pressure is stress. One can say that hypertension and stress are directly linked. If you are stressing about something, a stream of hormones are released that automatically raises your blood pressure, especially if you are a diabetic patient. A lot of medications are given to a patient to put control of these situations in initial stages. But besides heavy medication, one natural way of releasing stress is by doing deep breathing exercises regularly. Taking deep breaths activates your nervous system that lessens your heart rate, thereby relieving your blood pressure.

When you breathe slowly and tend to cool down, your brain slowly reaches the state of relaxation. Otherwise, stress not only means a risk to blood pressure but also leads you to unhealthy habits such as drugs or alcohol. It also makes you overreact over petty issues. So make it a point to do breathing sessions daily. You can do it either in the morning or in the evening. However, the morning is much more preferable because we are in a calm state of mind.

Along with breathing sessions, meditation also helps a lot. When you meditate, you try to focus on an individual thing with calmness. It slows down your body and does well to blood pressure.

Avoid High Level Of Alcoholism-

Having alcohol twice or thrice a week is absolutely fine, but when the drinking level increases, it can be quite fatal for health. When we have three or more drinks in one sitting, it automatically increases our blood pressure. Later, when the alcohol is possessed out of the body, the blood pressure resumes to normalcy. But when a person drinks on a regular basis, it can lead to a long term illness, which is chronic hypertension.

So it is highly recommended that those who are having high blood pressure, avoid too much drinking. Once or twice you drink occasionally is fine but not more than that. According to studies, alcohol contains lots of calories that is also a reason behind weight gain. It tends to become a barrier in your medication for high blood pressure. Another debatable topic is whether red wine is good for health or not. Actually, it has not been proved yet, but results have been mostly positive when one intakes red wine. That doesn’t mean that you shall continue having lots of red wine. There might be other factors as well that might be responsible. So it is better to stick to one or two drinks once in a while.

Maintain A Proper Diet-

If you are someone who has high levels of blood pressure, then make sure you maintain a proper chart of diet. Include lots of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products. An adequate set can reduce your high blood pressure up to 11mm Hg. Potassium is a necessary element in your diet that is highly rich in fruits and vegetables and also curtails the effects of sodium. So avoid taking supplements and, of course, consult a doctor about the level of potassium that is best for you.

Try to have food that encompasses less amountof sodium in it. Normally fruits and vegetables contain less amount of sodium in them, but when they are processed into other food items, the sodium amountis increased. So before purchasing any canned or packed products, go for the label first and check the ingredients section. Try to buy only those ones which have low sodium infusion. Even a little bit of reduction in your sodium intake can lower your blood pressure.

Avoid Caffeine-

Although the effects of caffeine are not apparent, yet it is advised to cut down caffeine intake if you have high blood pressure. Especially people who don’t drink coffee regularly, but have high blood pressure. If they are starting to take caffeine out of a sudden, then it can cause risk to their health. Their blood pressure rises to almost 10mm Hg, which is not all good. So don’t drink coffee if you are not a regular consumer. Those who have caffeine regularly, and have high blood pressure, it is not clear how it affects them.

According to some doctors, it might act differently with everyone based on their blood pressure levels and other health factors. So it is preferred to check your blood pressure after thirty minutes of caffeine intake to check if it increases your blood pressure or not. Suppose it does increase your blood pressure then definitely consult your doctor.

How to Check Blood Pressure at home?

It is an absolute must to have a BPMonitor at home. You can keep tabs on blood pressure at your home itself and can work accordingly. For example, due to some reason, you don’t feel well, and you doubt that your blood pressure has increased, then you can immediately check yourself with the help of the monitor. If it is severe, then you can directly go to a doctor and get the necessary treatment. Otherwise, even if something serious is going on with your health, but you are busy with your work, it might be fatal for you. So buy a BPMonitor soon and keep track of your blood pressure. You can check Best BPMonitors in India from this website it is widely available online as well as offline markets. Get yourself one, and it will be quite helpful for you.

This was my article on how to control your Blood Pressure with exercise. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.