How do you change the spin mop head?

After a long hard day, it can be exhausting and even frustrating to use your free time cleaning. That’s why you need tools – smart tools to get the job done efficiently. The spin mop is one such tool to help you with mopping the floor. It is a combination of the spin mop head with a bucket which aids you to do effortless cleaning.

It doesn’t make sense to clean your home with a dirty tool. That is why you should regularly clean your spin mop head. But to do that you need to know how to change or remove the spin mop head. Below are the steps to change the spin mop head and the importance of it.

Steps to change a spin mop head

  1. Hold the spin mop head vertically straight to separate it from the mop head yarn.
  2. While turning the head, gently step on the mop head.
  3. On top of the pole, you can see a C-clamp. Once you find it, loosen it.
  4. Some models have a wing nut to keep the head in place. You need to loosen it fully to remove the metal bar that locks the head. If the mop heads are plastic, it will have an adjustment knob with a plastic clip for easy removal.
  5. After you have removed the old one, take the new mop head and locate its centre panel.
  6. Now slide the rod into the new mop head’s centre panel.
  7. Fix the head with the C-clamp, wing nut, or the knob found your spin mops.
  8. Tighten the clamps with your hands. Make sure that the head gets secured to the rod.
  9. Try to shake the spin mop. If the head loosens or falls off, then it was not tightened enough.

Why should you change?

Does it matter to change the spin mop’s head? Well, it does. Following are the reasons why you should regularly do it.

  1. With a good routine of changing the head, you can prevent the filthy smell that comes from a dirty mop head.
  2. The cleaning will be much more thorough than the result you get from using an old one.
  3. Removing the mop head from the handle can facilitate easy machine wash.
  4. When you change the head, you will notice if there are any damages. Also, you can dispose of the damaged one.

The bottom line

It is quite clear that changing or removing a spin mop head is no rocket science. It is a straightforward and easy method to do by yourself. You don’t need a technician or professional to help you with this.

Before you do this, check with the instruction manual that comes with the spin mop. It may be some important information for changing the head. Before you remove the head to wash it, check whether the model is for machine washing.

Overall, changing a spin mop head is easier and simple than you have ever imagined.