How does a Pressure cooker work?

A Pressure Cooker is the quickest method when it comes to cooking meals deliciously. Wondering why cooking food is quicker in a pressure cooker or how actually it works or how it is different from an ordinary pot? The fundamental concept of pressure cooking is safe and simple. It comes with various advantages as well in regards to healthy cooking and other parameters, when compared to a slow cooker, ordinary pot or an oven. Modern Pressure cookers are safe and easy to use and available all over the world.

Some of its health advantages include:

  • Eco-friendly cooking
  • Steam based cooking
  • Retains vitamins and nutrients
  • Even cooking
  • Food becomes succulent and moist rather than drying or dehydrating

Other advantages

  • Fuel efficient
  • Cost efficient
  • Time saving
  • Easy utilization
  • Safe to use

Working of a Pressure Cooker

A Pressure cooker makes used of steam induced cooking method which is sealed in a unique airtight pot. This is a cooking pot that seals a liquid like water or broth or stock and builds in a pressure of its liuqid vapor that rises within when heated. The vapor within raises the pressure within the cooker. It lets the liquid within reach its maximum temperature. This raised temperature and elevated pressure quickens the process of cooking. The steam build up within cooks the food placed within. A Pressure Cooker can raise the cooking time by 1/3 of its ordinary cooking time. It is about 10 times quicker when compared to an oven. The food is delicious and made faster. Always choos a good stainles steel pressure cooker for your kitchen cooking.

Higher pressure-Quicker cooking time

When a pot with a liquid within is sealed well and heated, the steam thus rose traps the steam , which otherwise would evaporate. This steam built within raises the pressure within the sealed pot. This pressure increases gradually and goes way above normal (100 deg C) Boiling Point. As the pressure raises, the cooking time shortens. Modern pressure cookers come with different temperature settings with different pressure selector dials. These selector dials can be varied with different kinds of foods from vegetarian to non vegetarian foods. This pressure built in cooks food evenly and well.

A Pressure cooker is the best way of cooking when you want an intense flavor, overall cooking and healthy food. The food becomes succulent and moist rather than getting dried out like in an oven. This type of cooking retains flavors, nutrients and vitamins. Unlike processed foods, the food is healthy and tasty as well. Above all it is cost, time and fuel efficient.