Inevitable appliance to beat the summer heat

Summer season is a perfect time for spending some time outdoors and get your dose of vitamin D, which is good for calcium absorption. But, you cannot deny the fact that the temperatures are high and they keep soaring to new heights day by day, and this only keeps increasing year after year. You cannot deny the fact that all you want to do after you spend some time outside in the hot sun in summer is to sit and relax under a fan. A fan has become an integral part of our lives. Thanks to them, we can enjoy the fresh air. They make the space breathable and airy. However, there are different types of fans in the market each meant to serve a purpose.

 Types of fans

 There are about eight types of fans. They include

You have high-quality brands that sell most of the types of fans or all these types of fans of different colours, sizes, styles, and designs which includes the difference in the number of blades as well as the sweep size.

Features to consider while buying a ceiling fan

Size of the room

 For the ceiling fan to deliver proper air circulation and make you feel comfortable by cooling every corner of the room, you should ensure that you buy a 52-inch fan for spaces over 225 sq, ft, and up to 400sq.ft. For spaces up to 225 sq.ft, a 44-inch fan would be ideal. For spaces that are more than 18 feet long, it is important to have two medium-sized fans strategically placed at each half of the room.

Blade material and finish

The most commonly used material for making fan blades is metal. However, you do have wood and plastic blades. However, in metal blades, there are plenty of finishes to choose from which ranges from high luster to, metallic to matte finish blades. Some finishes can complement the décor of your room. Choose ceiling fans from brands that offer a wide range of selection options and are known for the quality as well.

Energy efficiency

Ceiling fans are indeed one of the appliances that consume the least power. However, they are now made in compliance with the BEE standards that make them more energy-efficient. This has made it possible to access fans that offer value for money and at the same time attractive and complementing the décor of your room.


This is an important factor to consider as it influences the functioning of the fan, which includes aspects such as operating temperature, noise level, rotation of wings per min, etc. It is good to go in for high-quality fans with heavy-duty windings and sealed bearings as they operate efficiently and do not produce much noise.

Last but not least, the control type of the fan can also be an important factor in deciding the type and brand of fan. You can now access remote control, conventional, wall control, and pull chain fans. The modern-day fans are loaded with features such as IoT, Energy-saving features, noise cancellation, anti-dust features, LED light, etc.this makes it difficult to choose. A ceiling fan is an all-important home appliance. It is important to choose it with care to ensure that it serves the purpose.