Must-have features for the ‘best’ steam iron

With the huge variety of steam irons in the market, choosing the best one can be a herculean task. Below are some important features which determine whether steam iron is best or not.

To find the best steam iron, continue reading to find what you should consider before selecting one.


During ironing, the soleplate is the part of the steam iron which has contact with the clothes. The material of the soleplate has to be a good conductor of heat. The straightening of the clothes is dependent on this part of the appliance.

The endurance of the iron itself is dependent on the soleplates. Check whether the material of the soleplates are non-stick or else they can ruin your clothes.

Steam Vents

There are 16 to 46 steam vents in the steam iron. With a higher number of steam vents, the overall heat and production of steam will be higher.

Power Usage

Everyone knows that electrical appliances which produce heat consume a large amount of electricity. And steam irons are no exception. But thanks to technological advancements, recent models of steam irons are highly energy efficient. When you shop for a steam iron, do check the power rating.

Cord Length

The general rule is that the cord length needs to be bigger for it to be a better model. For a comfortable ironing experience, a long cord with good flexibility is necessary. The standard cord length is generally 6 feet, but some have longer lengths too. This allows you to iron in all directions and to iron very long clothes like curtains.

Auto Shut Off

There will be times where you can forget to turn the appliance off. This simple mistake can become a fire accident because of a huge amount of heat that comes out of the steam iron.

To prevent such an accident, many manufacturers are incorporating this feature in their models. This can turn off the steam iron once it reaches a certain temperature. This is a new feature, so not all models will have it. So, before you buy a steam iron, do an extra check whether this feature is present.

Temperature Settings

According to the fabric, the temperature of the steam iron has to change. Many models have the feature to adjust the temperature to meet the needs of the material. There are also advanced models which can control and regulate the steam that comes out of the appliance.

Anti-Calcium Feature

In steam ironer, the water turns into steam which does the ironing. This process can create residues called calcium deposits. They accumulate and clog inside the appliance, damaging the device itself. This feature helps to self-clean the tank inside the tank for better functioning of the appliance.

Spray Mist

This feature can release water to the fabric to help it get wet. Because of this, the creases are easily removed by the steam ironer.

In conclusion

Owning a steam iron can make the process of ironing a simple one. But before you invest in a good steam iron, make sure to research and check about its features.