Pros and Cons of Buying a 5-String Bass

If you are a beginner, then you may be wondering if a 5-string bass beneficial or not? If yes, then five-string bass is better than the 4 string ones. There are many 5 string bass players out there. However, let us see which one is right for you. With benefits there also some drawbacks of owning 5 string bass. So, let us see the main pros and cons of a 5-string bass.

Pros of 5 string bass 

  1. Use it to play extra notes 

New learners think that a five-string bass guitar is a difficult play. But the truth is with the extra notes you can play many types of music. Also, the main benefit is that the low B string offers an extra range that is useful for many music types. You can enjoy additional chord voicing with a 5-string bass.

  1. You need not change the overall tuning 

You can play the 5 string easily as there is no need to change the tuning. The basics are the same in both the string bass. Therefore, when changing to 5 sting bass, it will be easier for you to play notes. Also, you may be using the 5-string bass only for special notes. So, stick to the 4 string concepts to play the 5-string bass also.

  1. There are many new tunings 

Creative musicians love to try new things. You can create innovative tunes with this instrument. Even if there is no need to change the tuning you can create fresh tunes with 5 string bass. You can try out the different low tune options available in the 5-string bass. This way you can produce some of the amazing tunes with the 5-string bass.

  1. Use the 5th string as thumb rest 

Many use the 5-string bass as an anchor. When using a 4-string bass, you may feel that the A to E stings is far from each other. But, with the 5-string bass, you easily play the fast lines and cross strings comfortably.

Cons of bass 5 string bass 

  1. Unnecessary string noise 

It takes more time and practice to play a 5-string bass. The hand position of the 5-string bass is different. So, at first, you may have trouble adjusting to this instrument. However, due to the extra notes, you may need to be careful about extra noise. Positioning the thumb on the wrong string can produce extra noise.

  1. They are heavy 

The 5 string is heavy than the 4-string bass. If you are used to playing lightweight instruments, then you may find the 5 string one heavy. Discomfort and weight are the main drawbacks of using 5 string bass.

  1. Extra strings mean extra cleaning 

Generally, the string instruments are difficult to clean. Rust and dirt can accumulate in the strings very easily. So, when you have a 5-string bass, you need to take extra care of it. Regular cleaning and maintenance are required for 5 string bass. 


More than the pros and cons your preference matters the most. If you think that 5 sting bass is convenient, it is easy to lean it.