Top 5 Best Kitchen Chimney Brands In India

Investing in a good quality kitchen chimney is the best decision you ever made. For a clean kitchen and healthy living, kitchen chimney is a must. The odour from the cooking, strong aroma of species, and smoke that result from Indian cooking is cleaned out by a chimney. Chimney has evolved over the past decade; today, the chimney is technologically advanced with practical features. In this article, we will be discussing the top five Chimney brands in India that you can consider.

Best Chimney brands in India

  1. Hindware

The first brand that we will be considering today for kitchen chimney is Hindware. The company is in the business of manufacturing consumer appliances for over 60 years. Hindware appliances are renowned and trustworthy. This makes Hindware chimney one of the best brands in India.

Hindware chimney includes features like water and thermal cleaning, touch panel, and rustproof. The Hindware chimney is made of such material that is rustproof for durability and higher performance. The baffle filter of the Hindware chimney is yet again an important feature. The double auto-cleaning feature of the Hindware chimney is the reason for it being a top contender in the market.

  1. Faber

Faber has been in business since the 1950s. The company has its presence in manufacturing products in three different continents. Faber kitchen chimney is designed to complement the personal style and choice of a consumer. Faber is a leading brand of chimney manufacturing standing high in innovation and invention. The unique technology adopted by the brand allows for three ways of suction, which ensure the kitchen is fume-free at all times.

Some of the best features of Faber chimney are 3 baffle filter suctions, multiple speed operation, and push-control button. Faber chimney is known for style, design, and innovation.

  1. Elica

The next chimney brand in India that is very popular in India Elica. Elica has been producing some of the best kitchen chimneys over the years. The Elica kitchen chimneys are stylish, functional, and compact. This brand of kitchen chimney can bring out the best in your kitchen.

Elica Kitchen chimney offers a complete range of the model that provides a hassle-free and smoke-free cooking range. The compact design, touch-control panel, glass and stainless steel finish features of the chimney makes it attractive.

  1. Glen

Glen’s brand of the chimney is bold and classic in manufacturing. The chimney hood is made of premium quality materials for durability. Glen chimneys usually include Italian motor and safety button options. The safe button of the chimney switches off in case of intense heat that provides for functional use.

Glen chimneys are available in both baffle and carbon filters that provide for clean air in the kitchen.

  1. Prestige

The prestige is a famous brand in India for its pressure cookers. Apart from this, prestige also manufactures other home appliances like a chimney. The suction capacity of prestige chimney is very high, which is beneficial for larger kitchens in India.

The brand has gained the trust of its consumers by offering quality products over the years.

Bottom Line:

The brands mentioned above of chimney manufacturers in India are considered for their performance and features.