Top 5 Best Sewing Machine Models In India

Whether you are a beginner in sewing business or a full-on fashion designer the sewing machine is essential to weave the designs you want to create. The old sewing machines are old school because now there are modern sewing machines available that can save your time and energy. Gone are the days where you have to strain your hands and legs to create excellent dresses. Because here are the super sewing machines available for you. Know about the top sewing machine models in India here.

  • The Usha Janome Dream Stitch 

The company Usha International Ltd is the brand that is well known among the fashion designers as it has over these years produced some of the durable sewing machines in the market. The machines are known for their simple and innovative design. The product Janome is an excellent concept that is being used now by many people. It is also the perfect machine for beginners. Moreover, it is the right machine for people who want to use the electrical machine for effortless stitching machine. It contains easy to use handlebar and other essential features.

  • The Singer start 1306 

Singer India Ltd is a company that is creating world-class products that contain sewing machines. The model of 1306 is the right one for the starters and beginners. It is also a perfect machine for people who want to start a business on a low budget. The machine contains high-pressure foot lifter that gives the feature of multiple stitching layers without any issues. This option provides easy quilting and embroidery activities. This machine arrives with the heavy-duty metal frame that can be used for many years without any damages.

  • Brother FS101 Computerised machine 

For more than a century the Brother has been well known for producing innovative machines. The brother sewing machines have also got the satisfaction of the customer’s worldwide. It is also reasonable and affordable. If you want to have a premium product for fewer costs than Brother FS101 is the best model for you. These machines arrive with 100 built-in stitches. There is also the LCD to adjust the length and width.

  • Usha Janome zig-zag machine

This sewing machine has a beautiful look. If you prefer compatible sewing machine then this is suitable for you. Usha Janome zig-zag models are selling like hotcakes because many people love small and convenient machines for easy use. The machine contains 21 applications for use. There is also the automatic needle threading feature.

  • Singer Promise 1408 machine 

If you are a learner of the sewing techniques than opt for the Singer promise 1408 model. It is well known for its good quality and is lightweight. The speed of sewing is also perfect and suitable for a learner. There is also the LED light available for use in low light.

These are some of the top five sewing machine brands in India. Find the best in the list and select the one that suits you.


The sewing machine is one of the essential tools that are invented by humans. It is today available in most of the homes. Sewing is an art that can be quickly learned if the learner has the wish to create some beautiful dress designs with fabric. The sewing machines are modernized today as per the requirement, and it has led to more easy use. The advanced features are added in the machines for the people to use without any hassles. Get the suitable one for your home or shop and sew away easily.