Top 5 Best wet grinder brands in India

Do you want to buy a wet grinder? If your answer is yes, then you can easily find a good quality of wet grinder at an online store. There are a variety of options available in the market but you have to choose the best one. If you are confused among numerous brands, here we have selected the top  five brands of wet grinders for you:

  1. Panasonic MK-SW200 BLK Wet Grinder

This grinder comes from a famous brand in India and it is a really powerful appliance. It can meet the needs of a medium-sized family and can make different consistencies of dough. It is quite easy to clean this grinder and its steel drum won’t catch rust. It has a strong motor due to which it might make a little bit of noisy.

  1. Elgi Ultra Perfect 2 Litre Wet grinder

When it comes to wet grinders, Elgi Ultra is a famous brand and it comes with a 2-liter capacity. This is a lightweight grinder that can be carried anywhere easily. Its plastic body makes it a durable option. It has a 150 Watt motor which is really powerful and can do the work in a  smooth manner.

  1. Pigeon Platino 2 Litre Wet Grinder

This grinder comes with an ABS shockproof body and it has strong durability. It has got a double ball bearing strong motor which can perform every function hassle-free. The service centers of Pigeon are also available in many cities in India.  

  1. Premier Wonder- Tabletop grinder (1.5 liters)

This grinder has amazing looks and performance. The whole body of this grinder is made up of steel due to which it will work for a long time effectively. It has 95 watts of motor and it can grind all kinds of pulses and grains.

  1. Butterfly smart 150-watt Tabletop grinder

If you are looking for an aesthetic grinder, then you can get the buttery smart wet grinder. It is totally worth your money and comes with a ventilator arrangement and it is really easy to regulate this grinder. It is light in weight due to which cleaning and use become easy.

So, these are the top five wet grinders in India among which you can choose the one as per your requirement and budget. The wet grinder should be present in every Indian kitchen because there are numerous recipes prepared by making the pure batter.