What Is A Thermo-Aged Guitar?

A thermo age guitar is an old guitar whose wood quality has become more tight due to ageing. This ageing helps to remove moisture, resin etc. To define, thermo age refers to heating of wood to a high temperature. The guitar manufacturers use the baking effect (roast) in order to turn the guitar into thermo age. Let us look below whether one really needs to buy a thermo aged guitar or not.

Should One Go For Thermo-Aged Guitar?

The answer is yes but not mandatory. If you are the one who wants to play retro classics without investing much, then you can go for this type of guitar. You get the vintage feel while switching different chords, pleasant to the ears. Many beginners will doubt whether to buy a roasted material or not. The answer is that a beginner should buy a new guitar and wait for his/her guitar to become heated over time. Although, many famous brands such as Gibon, Taylor etc provide thermo aged guitar, but the craze of a new guitar has always been the first priority.

Who Buys Thermo-Aged Guitar?

As stated eariler, people who want to play the retro classsics with much better tonal quality go for the thermo-aged guitar. To add on, old-aged people around the late 40s who want to play the blues, country songs etc. go for this guitar. Many professionals over-time understand the importance of a vintage guitar. For most of the beginners, a thermo guitar always fit in as a second hand guitar.

Does Thermo-Aged Guitar Improve The Bad Pieces Of Wood?

The answer is definetely no. Yes, the guitar stability becomes well but the rise in temprature makes no difference to improve the bad pieces of wood. The ageing of guitar does help to make guitar withstand different atmospheric effects.  Don’t get it wrong here, assuming that one can try different experiments on a guitar in order to make it old. A guitar sustainability completely depends upon the wood material, fret board spacing, sound hole cut etc.

Conclusion -Thermo-Aged Guitar Vs New Guitar?

A Thermo-Aged guitar isn’t that durable in comparison to a new guitar. The most simple reason is that a thermo aged guitar has already crossed its age. However, you get to hear a much sweeter,better tonal sound quality in a thermo when compared to a new guitar. Alas, that wont make much of a difference for a guitar customer who wants to learn and grow with a new guitar. He/She will surely get the thermo tonal quality over time. It would be very much difficult for a music starter to figure out if there are any changes in the sound quality when compared. A professional ear, trained over time, can only figure out 90/10 difference in a thermo guitar. On an end note, if you are a one who want to kickstart your musical journey, then you can go for a new electric guitar without doing any other experiment on the guitar for ageing.