Which vacuum cleaner is best for cars?

Vacuum cleaner is essential equipment for a car owner. The interior of a car becomes dirty over a period of time due to accumulation of dust, debris, food particles, etc. Thus, it becomes important to clean the car interior to maintain a healthy environment in the car and prevent the dirt from damaging the components of the car. A conventional vacuum cleaner is not effective in cleaning the car interior. This is the reason why special vacuum cleaners designed for cars need to be used. A car vacuum cleaner easily cleans even hard to reach areas such as behind the pedals, under seats, air vents, door pockets, etc.

The following points must be considered to get the best car vacuum cleaner for your car.

Corded or cordless

Corded car vacuum cleaner is suitable if there is an electrical plug located near the car in a garage or some other place. In case of corded vacuum cleaner, there is no need risk of losing power as long as the power supply is on. There is also need to keep the vacuum cleaner charged.

Cordless car vacuum cleaner enables you to clean your car anywhere. However, you need to keep the battery charged. Cordless car vacuum cleaner also allows you to clean many deep parts of the car because it is not restrained by a cord.

Suction power

Suction power of the car vacuum cleaner should be powerful enough to achieve deep cleaning. The suction power generated should be able to remove even stubborn dirt and debris. Suction power depends upon the RPM of the motor. Thus, the suction power of the car vacuum cleaner is directly proportional to the power rating of its motor. However, there are car vacuum cleaners in the market which use low power motors but produce high suction power due aluminium fans.


The tank capacity of the car vacuum cleaner determines the frequency with which you need to clean it. Most of the branded car vacuum cleaners available in the market have enough tank capacity for thorough cleaning of cars without the need to frequently clean the tanks. Some heavy duty car vacuum cleaners also come with very large capacity tanks of 2.5 gallons or more.

Design and quality

The car vacuum cleaner should be designed for easy handling. The weight should not be so high that it becomes difficult to clean the car using a single hand. The car vacuum cleaner should also be portable so that you can carry it anywhere without hassles.

The car vacuum cleaner should have high quality parts which last long. Cheap car vacuum cleaners with low quality parts tend to break down easily.

Time to clean

Cordless car vacuum cleaners run for about 10-15 minutes after charging. If this is not enough to clean your car, then corded option is best for you.