Why Convection Oven Is Better Than Microwave And OTG?

With the technology provided by the microwave, it has now become very easy to make the cold food into hot delicacies. Many people now enjoy using the microwave because they can try out the dishes they prefer in a few minutes without any mishaps. But some people think that convection oven is better than the microwave and OTG. Here are the reasons for your information.

What is a convection oven? 

The convection microwaves are the kind of ovens that are high- end than the ordinary microwave. It has extra features other than boiling and reheating. But same as the microwave ovens it uses the microwaves to cook the food. You will be able to bake cookies and cakes with the help of this amazing appliance.

The microwave and the convection oven 

The microwave oven uses microwaves to heat the food and make it edible. So sometimes it takes much time for the food to prepare. The special feature of the convection oven is that it takes only less time to completely prepare the food thereby saving the time. The fan inside the convection oven regularly circulates hot air that engulfs the food so it cooks quickly that in the other types of appliances. The food also cooks perfectly because the users have found that when they cook the food in the convection oven the food looks well cooked and brown.

The convection oven warms up the food externally with heat with higher temperatures than the microwave. Although the microwave oven is great for uniform reheating, defrosting and for other cooking activities the convection oven is best for grilling, baking, browning and roasting which are some extra features that appeals to a person who loves cooking.

The OTG and the convection oven 

The convection oven can save more energy. It is helps more to save energy than a griller or a toaster. The OTG grill will be able to bake, grill and toast but it cannot be used for the process of defrosting. So we can say that it is more useful than an OTG grill.

The difference between OTG and convection oven 

  • The Heating method 

The OTG can be used for preparing the food that tastes crispy and juicy. It heats the food with heated coils. The convection on the other hand makes use of microwave with the fan to warm up the food.

  • The capacity 

The capacity of the OTG will go up to sixty litres. On the other hand the convection microwave is only thirty two litres. So for the batches that are large OTG is a better option.

  • The preheating 

The OTG can take more than twenty minutes for preheating. The convection oven will take only five minutes for this purpose. This will save so much time when cooking.

Here we can see that the convection ovens contain many uses and are beneficial than the other appliances. Use this type of oven and avail of the advantages it will offer for your cooking.